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Sorry, but this is hopelessly outdated... Please update to 1.0

Looks like they're listening ;-)

Solid physics, bad graphics.


1.0 is available as well,


I need 32 bit plz

Meanwhile this isn't available here, you could download the 32 bit version from SourceForge.

ok thx bro

SuperTuxKart 1.0 Installer (x32bits)

I Beat Expert Difficulty I Wanna Try Super Tux Soon

I'm on Linux, solo mode works fine but story mode crashes right after Nolok talks to Tux :'(

please release a .zip! Really want to tryout this game


i played on linux when i was younger i played it so much

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Lol dude same except I played it on WXP.

Me too but I played on the PC of my friend


I played hours a long time before and now i can play again.

Just as fun...

Holy jeez, this game brings back memories, memories from when I was about 6 and had my first PC, a Windows XP PC I think it was, I played this game a lot. Thanks for making it, you gave me a nice childhood

Ayy lmao, time is flying fast, this was already 257d ago! Still remembering these memories :)

mira we, anda bien agustin iturbide acostado en el sillon viendo unos momazos, y de la nada me dieron 8 ataques  epilepticos y despues fui con un espesialista en el tema, me diagnostico con epilepsia en el homunculo y la unica cura es jugar super tux kart, y aqui me ves.



The best Mario/Crash kart kind of game for PC - and it's free as in freedom, too!

I think I've played this elsewhere already. Hm.


It's looking good guys. I'm really impressed with this and myself and the kids will be playing endlessly.



One of the best free kart racing games!

Language selection is a bit confusing (double click instead of just selecting) and the mouse pointer isn't placed at the same place it is shown when doing 3840x2160 in fullscreen.

Hi Supertuxkart 0.9.2 :) my name in rudy

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